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Skin Health Is a Lifelong Journey

Discover expert guidance from a world-class medical team

One of seven doctors in the world dual trained as a board-certified plastic surgeon and fellowship-trained in Mohs surgery/procedural dermatology, Dr. Parker founded Skin Cancer Consultants with the mission of providing outstanding skin care treatment and impeccable aesthetic outcomes. 

We are your trusted consultants and we take that very seriously. Our dedicated team guides you through every aspect of your skin cancer journey. Through prevention, intervention and restoration, you’ll receive comprehensive education, state-of-the-art treatment and best-in-class cosmetic reconstruction. 

Our comprehensive approach begins with you. We partner with you to create individualized treatment plans that fit your unique skin and lifestyle. Whether you require a common procedure or suffer from a challenging condition, our unwavering patient commitment produces unparalleled results.

Our niche is aging skin, and our passion is healthy skin. Whether you have skin cancer or simple sun damage, we’re on a mission to provide you the best care, education and first-class treatment.
Dr. Thornwell Parker

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Thornwell H. Parker, III, MD

Mohs Surgeon, Plastic Surgeon

Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas  //  2007

Fellowship, Mohs Micrographic Surgery

The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas  //  2006

Residency, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Baylor College of Medicine  //  2001

Doctorate in Medicine

Wake Forest University  //  1997

Bachelor of Science, Health & Exercise Science

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Reduce the risk of skin cancer and ensure early detection with routine skin exams. Be aware of preventative measures, risk factors and early intervention procedures.

Intevention Icon


Target safe and effective treatment options with a board-certified Mohs surgeon. Mohs surgery is a precise surgical procedure yielding the highest cure rates for skin cancer.

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Heal fast with confidence and superior results. A board-certified plastic surgeon will guide you through your reconstructive options.


What is Mohs Surgery?

Developed by physician Frederic Mohs, Mohs micrographic surgery is a precise technique for skin cancer removal. It removes cancers in layers using a special method of mapping and microscopic examination of the tumor and underlying roots. The state-of-the-art procedure has become the treatment of choice for many types of skin cancer due to:

  • The highest cure rates for skin cancer treatment— approximately 99% for new skin cancers and 95% for returning cancer after other types of treatment.
  • The best cosmetic and functional results—conservative skin removal minimizes the affected area and wound size.

Your Mohs Procedure

Outpatient Surgery Icon

Outpatient Surgery

The surgery is performed at our facility under the comforts of local anesthesia, or occasionally twilight sedation.

Precise Removal Icon

Precise Removal

Your fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon carefully removes the visible tumor with a conservative, thin layer of surrounding tissue.

Micro Examination Icon


Your surgeon examines the tissue edges under a microscope. If cancer remains, that area is marked on a map as a “positive” (bad) margin.

Minimally Invasive Icon

Minimally Invasive

The map guides selective removal of residual cancer while sparing healthy skin. The procedure stops when there is no longer evidence of cancer.

Speedy Recovery Icon

Speedy Recovery

We’ll discuss reconstructive options as needed. The recovery process varies—you’ll receive detailed postoperation care instructions.

I have had at least 30 Mohs cancer surgeries over many years and have been extraordinarily pleased with Dr. Parker. Not a single cancer has returned on the places Dr. Parker performed surgery. He is also a plastic surgeon and can do the repairs after the cancer is removed. The repair surgeries that Dr. Parker does are amazing, faster and less painful. The scarring has been incredibly minimal—even after the major surgeries. The Skin Cancer Consultants staff is competent, professional and friendly. I can’t think of enough adjectives to describe how caring they are. I will always be grateful to Dr. Parker.


I have had many issues over approximately 35 years and was referred to Dr. Parker about three years ago by my plastic surgeon. He said that Dr. Parker is the best at detecting skin cancer, Mohs and plastic surgery. I have had multiple procedures by him and every aspect has been outstanding, including the nurses and office staff at Skin Cancer Consultants. Every step of diagnosis, surgery, recuperation and follow-up has always been superb.


Dr. Parker has performed hundreds of successful Mohs surgeries on me. His skill is magical and his reconstruction abilities have amazed me. The size and extent of my surgeries have frightened me at times, but he reassures me that he can fix me back to “normal” and has always done so—usually much better than normal. Dr. Parker has assembled a support staff that is a model of friendliness, knowledge, ability and efficiency. I have referred numerous friends, and even total strangers to Dr. Parker. He is extremely gifted as a surgeon, physician and even more so as a man! Dr. Parker is a devout Christian and devoted family man. He is very involved in medical missions and has been from Haiti to Africa to lend his skills.


Dr. Parker has identified and removed many basal cells from all over my body, including my face. Every spot healed invisibly. Dr. Parker is a very talented plastic surgeon and his practice is efficient and pleasant. His entire staff obviously enjoys working there. I heartily recommend Dr. Parker and Mohs surgery to handle skin cancer care.


When one goes to a doctor’s office—especially for skin cancer—it is usually not a positive feeling. But going to Skin Cancer Consultants is nothing but positive. I have been seeing Katie Pedicord for about four years and she is incredible. She has such a calming demeanor that when I walk in the door, I am immediately at ease. I also like how she gives me as much information as I want and speaks in layperson’s terms. I think the world of the whole practice.


I am a regular patient of Skin Cancer Consultants, and have seen Katie Pedicord multiple times for her valued opinion over the years. Without question, she is the epitome of an unparalleled professional. Katie has a very pleasant demeanor that puts you at ease the minute she enters the room. She is a brilliant young woman who has an incredible knowledge base of the field she practices in every day. I think the world of both Dr. Parker and Katie Pedicord, not only as world-class health professionals, but also as incredible, grounded and compassionate human beings. There is no better office to walk into. I have always been treated with total respect and empathy—simply the best.


Katie Pedicord and her assistants treated a very large and painful cyst with great professionalism. She gave a speedy diagnosis, lanced it and taught me how to care for the wound. She was gentle, patient and explained everything thoroughly. I have made a good recovery. She is my lifetime provider for all of my many skin issues and I am so grateful to have found her. Ms. Pedicord and Dr. Parker make a good team.


Dr. Parker has performed multiple procedures on me, always making me feel very comfortable about each procedure by taking his time to explain. I have always had good results. No one wants to get cancer and one can be overcome with anxiety, but at Skin Cancer Consultants, the anxiety is quickly quelled. The smiling faces and friendly demeanor go a long way and put me at ease. I feel like one of the family.


My goal was to find a doctor certified as a Mohs and plastic surgeon, and I truly feel blessed and lucky to have found Dr. Parker. I’ve had 60+ skin cancer surgeries and he is the only doctor I would seek for treatment. I knew early on I had found the best in Dr. Parker when he removed three cancers from one side of my face. I was amazed within a week and eventually there was no evidence that friends and family could detect. When I look in the mirror today, I see no trace. I’m deeply appreciative of Dr. Parker’s skills. The entire group at Skin Cancer Consultants are the most professional yet personable staff —quick with a smile, they make me feel at ease.


Dr. Parker has successfully removed over 15 skin cancers for me with excellent cosmetic results. I am most grateful for his special attention and expertise on a particular cancer. His proactive approach caught the cancer before it became a terminal condition. Throughout that process, Dr. Parker was very caring—both with me, and my wife. He has a passion for what he does and makes patients feel very comfortable. He offers a unique service as both a Moh’s surgeon and a plastic surgeon. I had several bad cosmetic results from my prior Mohs surgeon (who was not a plastic surgeon) and Dr. Parker later repaired one of those bad scars.


Dr. Parker is a very skilled and professionally trained physician. The advantage over all the other dermatologists that I had seen in the past is his training in plastic surgery. While he is doing surgery, he can see what the end result of the repairs will be. After well over 100 procedures, I am confident that I have the very best treatment for my ongoing skin cancer challenges. Over the past few years, I have referred over 50 individuals to Dr. Parker and his staff. Not one of them has been disappointed in the treatments they received. They were also equally impressed with the friendly and professional staff that always provided the best care and service.


Dr. Parker and the Skin Cancer Consultants staff have the ability to make what could be a bad experience almost enjoyable. They are professional but have a caring, family-like approach to treating patients. They take the time to make me feel like I am more than a patient—in fact, like a friend. I have been extremely pleased with the results of my skin cancer removal and have had virtually no scarring. I would and have recommended Dr. Parker to friends.


I first saw Dr. Parker in April 2013 after my internist referred me. He has performed many surgeries on my head. My skin cancer results have been good and the scars are not very noticeable. I felt reassured by Dr. Parker and had the confidence that he could handle my cancers, and the nurses and staff treated me very well.


I first saw Dr. Parker approximately four years ago and he has performed multiple procedures over that period. I was first impressed by the professionalism of his staff. The results have always been excellent. Dr. Parker has a very reassuring effect on a patient apprehensive about the procedure, speaking as a doctor myself. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


After Dr. Parker removed a melanoma, Katie Pedicord took over my care. She is incredibly thorough, kind and truly listens to me. I was nervous about a couple procedures, but she completely explained everything so that I felt comforted and confident. I am so pleased with the results. The cancer prevention treatments have really helped reverse the sun damage and reassure me that I’m doing everything I can to prevent cancer. The latest cosmetic procedures that Katie performed were conservative, but have made a positive difference in my appearance.


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